Why you should Get rid off middleman liquidator

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Buy goods straight from the source

Over the past few years, a shift has occurred in how retailers and manufacturers exhaust their inventory: many are bypassing traditional methods and incorporating technology-based programs into their overall business strategy (or as we like to call it, “Liquidation 2.0 “). This introduction includes customized B2B online auction liquidation merchandise returned directly to buyers and markets adding additional merchandise.

If you are a small business that typically purchases inventory from a third-party liquidator (or perhaps you are thinking about it), there has never been a better opportunity for You can remove made and buy directly from source.

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 Consider the following benefits:

No price markups

To make money to a liquidator, will buy him less merchandise and sell it high. This can result in substantial price markups before you ever have access to the inventory. By purchasing directly from the source, you are buying from someone that wants to move the stock as quickly as possible and get the fair market price buyers are willing to pay. When purchasing directly from the source, the merchandise is shipped only once, from retailer to you (eliminating the retailer to liquidator shipment). Those are direct cost savings that no longer need to be regained. These things are transformed into improved profit margins are directly your bottom line.


When you purchase directly from the retailer’s online B2B liquidation marketplace, better margins is particularly evident: a competitive means of transparent auction platform that you’ll never pay as you like.

No product poaching

Frequently liquidators will comb through the inventory they purchase directly from retailers, pull out the best products for themselves, and then sell the rest to you. They liquidator will then capture a margin which products sell to retailers who have otherwise do. Have meant bypassing the middleman that you have access to traders in large quantities of non-crackers in the condition codes, including new. You will also be able to occupy margins that may be currently unavailable to you.

Enjoy a direct relationship with the retailer.

 Cutting out the middleman will allow you to establish a direct relationship with the retailer, which has historically been challenging for small to mid-size businesses. Capitalizing on B2B liquidation marketplace a retailer is an ongoing way, so many are small business purchase and buy directly customer-returned inventory source. Transparent negotiation (via an online liquidation platform)

Sourcing from a traditional liquidator product can often mean the conversation back and forth for hours with no visibility in the competition for the offering of goods. Enables a level playing field and transparent platform for all buyers to compete for purchase inventory directly from the retailer’s online B2B liquidation marketplace.


 Given the number of retailers and manufacturers jumping on board the Liquidation 2.0 bandwagon and launching their B2B liquidation marketplaces, independent retailers have never been a better opportunity to eliminate Back middleman and buying excess inventory directly from the source.

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