The Best & Fastest Way to Sell Excess Inventory

The Best & Fastest Way to Sell Excess Inventory

To remain competitive in today’s fickle retail surroundings, you would like to remain prior to times—this includes finding new and better ways to handle returned and excess inventory. Traditional strategies for selling liquidation inventory are getting progressively outdated; there is a more profitable way to recover revenue on Stock Liquidation.

Traditional Methods Equal Traditional Results

You most likely stopped using a typewriter once a computer became available and you probably stopped mailing invoices when you discovered email could do the job quicker, easier and cheaper. These technological advances brought efficiency to an antiquated process. The same can be said to how companies approach liquidation: using manual methods like negotiating via phone or faxing spreadsheets to a handful of buyers will always leave money on the table.


By ditching manual strategies and automating the liquidation method, via a web-based solution, firms will bring efficiency and make a strategic business advantage. Distributors or wholesalers will leverage RACK37’s Platform to extend recovery and improve speed for his or her Stock Liquidation.

This includes launching custom-made online marketplaces.

These solutions enable consumers to contend for your inventory. What are additional, retailers have complete control over the method, including logo usage and dictating who the merchandise is sold-out to (for example, you would possibly solely wish it sold-out to an exporter).

Here’s how RACK37 Works

Rack37’s team of on-line marketplace and liquidation specialists are with you throughout the process to make sure you’re getting the tools, knowledge and data you wish to get the very best recovery potential. This includes a dedicated Account Manager to assist you launch and grow, a marketing team to assist you promote and drive demand, and a full support staff to assist you troubleshoot. Here’s a fast snapshot on how the method works:

  • What you wish to sell or buy; simply connect with our support team and we handle the rest.
  • Then our team do quality inspection of the products.
  • Rack37 receives payment & orders and forwards you the order for approval.
  • Rack37 manages all shipping/logistics coordination and buyers pay for shipping.
  • Upon successful delivery, Rack37 remits you the order value after deducting any commissions/charges.

Getting started with RACK37

In today’s competitive business climate, organizations can’t afford to utilize old-school manual strategies for liquidating their excess inventory. If you’re able to increase evaluation on your liquidation merchandise by 30 to 75%, we’d like to speak with you. Contact us today.

Find New & Better Way to Liquidate Excess Inventory

If you run a business and are searching for an economical way to stock your inventory you’ll need to think about a number of the larger retailers. You’ll not notice that recent advancements within the state of the art of liquidation have created it doable for even the smallest businesses to shop for their excess inventory. This enables you to verify accurately target your needed gross margin whereas providing nice worth to your customers.

At the forefront of these industry innovations is RACK37 Solutions. RACK37 has set out to reinvent the wholesale liquidation goods industry in India by making the process & experience organized, transparent & easy. RACK37 is here to help retailers, manufacturers, or SME’s take back control of their liquidation efforts rather than handing them over to large liquidators who claim to be better equipped to handle it. By registering in RACK37 – online and offline  wholesale liquidation marketplace, you don’t have to worry about finding quality merchandise because there is always something available from well-known company’s products. From electronics to designer handbags and more, you pick what you want and you don’t have to pay mark-ups that traditional liquidators earn.

It is very simple to get started. Simply register, browse through the range of listings. Start small and slow till you learn a little about the inventory of every merchant. You’ll get things that might otherwise price you rather more. And since inventory prices are such a major portion of most businesses price structure, it really helps to shop for low.

Stuck with Excess Inventory? Here’s How to Sell Excess Inventory

One of the biggest problems to face any manufacturer or retailer is inventory and specifically TOO MUCH inventory or inventory that they can’t get rid of.

Sure, we do our best to order just the right amounts, not too much, not too little, but it doesn’t always go to plan, and retailers/manufacturers are often left with lots of inventory that just isn’t moving …

This is bad for business. This is disastrous for cash flow.

But most importantly, when you take your focus off the business, everything stops, and that’s not good.

So if you are really struggling to clear your excess stock inventory, then we can help.

So what can you do? Well, there are a few options.

  • You can keep dropping the price of your stock until it sells.
  • You can liquidate it for a bottom of the barrel price.
  • You can throw it away.
  • You can try and find someone to help you move it …

Now we’re onto something.

Introducing RACK37 – Online Wholesale & surplus goods marketplace – Solutions for excess inventory liquidation!

There’s a plenty of good reasons for you to be working with RACK37 so let me explain.

  • We have an extensive client network (both online & offline), that are always on the lookout for excess inventory deals.
  • We discreetly convert your stock into cash, at the highest possible price.
  • We make it easy.
  • We’re very conscious about not damaging your market position.
  • We do all the legwork.
  • We follow your company & distribution guidelines.

So how does it work?

So let’s assume for a second that you’re an inventory manager at huge sporting goods store and you currently have 10,000 soccer balls that aren’t moving.

What are your options?

Send them back to your supplier? Maybe? What if they say no?
Fire sale them?  Probably not a good idea?

Here at RACK37, we helped move products from just about every industry you can imagine!

  • Garments
  • Footwears

Once we sold INR 2 million worth of sporting goods for a client in less than a week! Anything is possible really.

As you can see, we have plenty of options available to us.

So what is the process? Let us know what you have to sell.

  1. Need – What you wish to Sell or Buy; simply connect with our support team and we handle the rest.
  2. Receive Orders – RACK37 receives payment & orders and forwards you the order for approval after multilevel quality checks.
  3. Dispatch/Ship Items – RACK37 manages all shipping/logistics coordination and buyers pay for shipping.
  4. Receive Payments – Upon successful delivery, RACK37 remits you the order value after deducting any commissions/charges.

It’s really that easy to get started! Give us a call today on +91-8448440437 to see how we can help you move your excess inventory.

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