Application Process

What Is The Rack37 Platform?

The Rack37 Platform provides the proprietary technology and services for businesses to liquidate their product via auction to other interested businesses who intend to resell the product.

Larger businesses, such as Sears, Target, Walmart, etc, have their own sites to liquidate their product.

Generally speaking, smaller to medium sized business are hosted under our umbrella marketplace called Rack37.

How Do I Apply? Is It Free?

Since Rack37 facilitates B2B stock liquidation, you must have a registered account with us with complete KYC process along with GST.

You must apply separately to each marketplace since each company has its own approval criteria. Please visit for a full list of marketplaces Rack37.

Once you choose the marketplace you want to register on first, you can start the application process!

As Per our terms of service, multiple emails associated with the same business are not allowed. However, we do realize that exceptions do occur, and if a company is authorized more than one bidding account, you are prohibited from bidding on the same lots. Such an act would be considered “agent bidding,” which is when anyone (such as friends, family, roommates, employees, online connections, etc) bids on an item with the intent to artificially increase its price or desirability. This is not allowed per our terms of service. Our security team will monitor the customers for compliance

As An Indian Buyer, What Marketplaces Will Accept Me?

Not all marketplaces are open for Indian buyers. As with all marketplaces, you will need to create an account with the same email and password by clicking the “register/login” link in the top right.

Please refer to the list below:

All on-board brand list here

When bidding on lots, please keep in mind the following:

1)  There may be restrictions listed on each auction page.

3) If the seller of merchandise on a lot that you win does not deem your documentation sufficient, they may request more documentation or cancel the order..

How Do I Manage My Marketing Preferences?

Rack37 provides a number of options for buyers who are interested in the services we provide. We have a specialized team devoted in making sure that our buyers have access to the auctions and product in which they are interested.

Once you are approved on a marketplace, you will receive emails alerting you to auctions that are opening and to auctions that are closing soon.

If you wish to cease receiving all marketing emails entirely, you have a number of options available to you to make them stop:

Can I Apply If I Don't Have a Business or If I Am a Non-Profit?

Rack37 requires that all users have a registered business that can provide valid resale documentation; we cannot accept a non-profit tax-exempt number

This is because Rack37 facilitates in online business to business liquidation with the intent that the product be resold for profit. You are exempt from paying sales tax at the time of purchase because it will be collected when you resell the product.

It is because of this that we cannot accept non-profit organizations at this time.

How Do I Sell on Supply?

If you are a business owner who is interested in liquidating their stock and would like to join the Rack37 platform, then you have come to the right place! Please visit our page and register yourself as seller.

Can I Visit One of Your Office Locations?

Yes visitors can visit to our office locations Registered office or Corporate office.

How I can register as seller?

You need to go to our website and click on the registration once it opens please fill the required details. Once you do that you will be registered as a seller with us.

How can I register as buyer?

You need to go to our website and click on the registration once it opens please fill the required details. Once you do that you will be registered as a buyer with us.

Auction Basics

How Can I Find Product?

With so many different sellers using Rack37, we got you covered!

If you are looking for marketplaces who cover a type of product you’re interested in, the best site to visit would be — scrolling down allows you to search by region, categories, and marketplace

If you are looking for live auctions selling a very specific type of product, we recommend using this is a giant search engine of most live auctions! Type your keyword in the search field, and it will show the current live auctions. As with the Marketplace page, you can narrow the search by region and categories.

Happy bidding!


What If I Have More Questions About An Auction?

Most of the information about a specific auction is made available in the auction description. However, if you have additional questions, you are more than welcome to reach out to Customer Support.

However, do not bid on an auction if you have unanswered question regarding an auction. We do not consider that to be a valid reason to cancel the auction if you receive an unsatisfactory answer or if you do not receive an answer at all should you win the auction.

Auction Anatomy

General Principles

Though the finer details for each auction will vary from auction to auction and marketplace to marketplace, the basic auction page will remain the same.

The URL is where you can find the Auction ID. Each auction ID number is unique to the marketplace. Please provide this ID if you are asking a question to a Customer Service Agent regarding a specific auction.

The auction title, surrounded by the orange box, describes the content of the auction, details what kind of product it is, lists the number of units in the auction, provides an estimated retail value, and ends with the location of the auction.

The bid information, surrounded by the grey box, is where you can find your bidding information including the current bid, the current number of bids, and the minimum amount your bid can be. The field is for you to enter your maximum bid amount. Please review “Bidding” for more information.

The pink box gives additional auction information, such as how many hours it closes, the date of closure, the manifest if one is available, and an option for you to add the auction to your watch list or calendar.

As you can see, portions of the manifests are embedded in the actual for auction for easier review. If you wish to review the manifest in its entirety, click “full manifest” in order to download it to your computer. We always recommend interested buyers review the manifest in full prior to bidding.

Review the details prior carefully prior to bidding.

The details will include more specific descriptions of the auction, the number of units, the retail value, and additional shipping information.

You should also click the “general” tabs that include information about payment, shipping, condition of merchandise, and terms of purchase. The shipping link in particular will give a very in depth look at the site’s policies, and may include additional information regarding delivery fees that may apply to you.

Please review the “Conditions of merchandise” link to know how the seller is using the terms in their description.

The condition of the merchandise is described using the definitions found in the “conditions” tab. Please make no assumptions about what they might mean by a certain condition. If after reviewing the conditions as defined in the tab and you have questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to customer service.

Please make sure to review all these elements prior to bidding.

Understanding Shipping

Our clients work with various shipping partners to help ship product to winning buyers.


Are the Images on the Auction Actual Images of the Merchandise?

Please be advised that this will vary from auction to auction.

In general, merchandise may be displayed in its current condition or with a stock image.

If it is unclear in any way, please contact customer service.

Can I Inspect the Merchandise Before Bidding?

Unless otherwise stated, you usually cannot inspect the merchandise prior to be bidding.

All items are detailed on the auction page. After you win the bid, before dispatch, we’ll share you logistic loading video.

What Does the Retail Price Published on the Auction Mean?

The lot price shows the price of complete lot, on which bidding is going on.


How I can participate in bid.

You will be required to firstly register as a buyer once you do that you can see the live bids going on and you can start putting your bid.

  1. To Participate in any product bidding, customer will require to first pay earnest money of Rs.5000 to make eligible product bidding process.
  2. If customer would like to participate in more than one bidding process at the same time, then s/he must have to first pay earnest money of Rs.5000 for each of the individual bidding products.
  3. Rs.5000 earnest money will be stored in the costumer wallet and that amount, costumer can utilize while doing payments against won bidding product price. Maximum Rs.5000 will be utilize while doing product against doing payments for won bidding products/ per bid.
  4. Once the payment will be credited into the wallet, customer can participate in bid and then s/he can make a bid on the products.
  5. Once bidding timing would have been over (decided by seller), system automatically will send email to the customer who has did bidding with highest pricing on products other than himself. 
  6. Once the bid be announce, customer have 72 hours to make the complete the full payment.
  7. Once bid would have been won by customer, s/he has to pay advanced fixed amount of Rs.49,000 in (24 hours) an advanced against the total amount of products. Also, at the time checkout, customer can select the checkbox to add wallet payment on our portal. If this amount is not adjusted at the time of initial payment of Rs.49,000 then customer can use this amount for next bid.   
  8. After that customer has to pay second milestone remaining amount within 48 hours. If to loss this bid and this bid will be auto assign to the second runner-up.
  9. If customer is not able to make the initial payment in 24 hours then he will lose the bid and second runner-up will be announced as a winner. If customer has made initial payment and if s/he failed to make second runner-up will be announced as a bid winner.
  10. In the both cases, customer will not get any refund and full payment (bid amount & initial payment) will goes to Rack37 account If the bid winner is second runner-up and s/he fails to make the full payment then the same rules will be apply for second runner-up. 
  11. For this system will send email to this second runner-up and inform him/her about bid winning. This customer will have to follow same rules of the payments within 72 hours of timeline to get the product ship from the seller. 
  12. In case runner-up will fail to do the payment in a defined time then overall bidding process of that product will be ended and no-one can do further bidding process on it.
  13. Also, in case no customer participate in bidding process in defined time then that product bidding process will be ended and no-one can do further bidding process on it.
  14. Incase buyer doesn’t win the bid, then earnest money will get refunded to him. 
Can I Buy It Now?

Rack37 operates as an auction platform. There is no opportunity to skip the bidding process and purchase it directly

How Do I Bid?

Once you are an approved buyer on the Rack37 platform and logged into your marketplace accounts, you can start bidding by going to any auction page.

Each auction will have a box where you can enter your maximum bid. Your maximum bid will need to be greater than the minimum value amount listed below the box.

Once the amount has been entered, click the “Bid Now” button. The system will ask you to confirm your bid amount. Please double check the amount before confirming your bid. A typo’d bid is not considered a legitimate reason to cancel a bid or order because you are given the opportunity to review the bid prior to placing it.

We allow buyers to place maximum bids because we use a system called Proxy Bidding.

Note the message near the top of the page, which indicates if your bid is high enough to become the current high bid. If not, you may wish to increase your bid. For each bid you enter, you will receive an email confirmation that your bid was successfully placed. You will also receive email confirmations if your bid is winning, lost, or won. You can also opt into text message alerts from your account.

Rack37 considers all bids to be an intent to purchase with the information available on the auction. Bid carefully. If you desire to cancel a bid, a fee may apply, and a note of it will be made in your record. If a pattern of bid cancellation occurs, Rack37 will restrict that privilege from you.

Popcorn Bidding

If a bid is placed in the last several minutes of an auction, the auction end time will extend for an additional several minutes. This is called “Popcorn Bidding” and gives all bidders an equal chance of winning an auction if a last minute bid is placed.

The exact number of minutes may vary from seller to seller. Please visit each site’s FAQ under “Bidding” and click “Why Do Auctions Extend At The End?” for each site’s specific policy.

Popcorn Bidding is used to simulate a live auction and prevents other bidders from “sniping” an auction at the last second.

Proxy Bidding

All bids placed on a marketplace hosted by Rack37 act as “proxy” bids.

To get the most out of this system, it is best to bid the highest amount you are willing to pay, which is known as your maximum bid. Once entered, the system will manage the bidding for you, acting as your proxy.

Example: An auction has a starting bid of 10000. You decide the highest you would pay for the auction is 50000, so you enter that as your maximum bid. You are now winning the auction at 10000.

If another bidder comes in and bids 11000 as their maximum, then your bid of 50000 will automatically outbid them one increment higher as your proxy. You are now winning the auction at 11250 without bidding a second time. The system will continue to automatically outbid other bidders as your proxy, but will never exceed your maximum bid of 50000.

If another bidder inputs a maximum bid over 50000, then you will be outbid, and have the choice to input a new maximum bid to act as your proxy, or move on to another auction.

The bid interval amount only applies to the minimum bid amount. Maximum bids from competing bidders can be within any amount of each other.

Why Did I lose the auction?

In order to win an auction, you need to bid a higher amount than the current high bidder.

If two maximum bids of equal amounts are placed, the bid placed first will win the auction

How Do I Know I Won?

You will get a mail mentioning that you have won the Bid.

The bid won email will include payment instructions. You can also find these instructions by selecting “orders” from the Account drop down menu, clicking the order, and clicking “pay now.” For more about our payment policies.

Once the order is paid, you will receive another email confirming payment, which will also include shipping instructions.

If you have any questions at any time about any part of the process, please email

What is the bidding timeline?

For each category there will be a different biding timeline so while making a bid please check the timeline.


I Paid My Order? Why Can't I Bid Again?

Our Finance Team will suspend a buyer’s bidding privileges if payment for their order(s) is not received within three business days. This is to avoid an accumulation of unpaid orders that are past due.

Processing payment is an automated process (as long as buyers fill out their wire memo correctly), but reinstating bidding privileges is a manual process. There will always be at least one business day between the system processing a payment and bidding privileges being reinstated.

The best way to avoid having your bidding privileges suspended for non-payment is to make payment on time.

What Type of Payment Does Rack37 Accept?

We accept NEFT, IMPS payment, an instant and secure form of payment, and UPI under certain restrictions.

Can I Pay in Cash?

We are accepting cash deposits into our account.

We do not accept cash payments at any of our office or seller locations for security reasons.

When Is Payment Due?

In general, payment is due to within two business days.

Always check the FAQs of a specific marketplace or your bid won email to confirm when payment is due.

Rack37 does not consider Saturday, Sunday, or any federally observed holiday as a business day.

If you need a payment extension, please contact Rack37 Customer Service with the date you expect payment can be made. Please note that payment extensions are not guaranteed as they must be approved with the seller.

Please allow our finance team one business day to process payment that is received.

Wire Payment Instructions

A wire payment is the primary method of payment for auctions won on the Rack37 Platform. Please ask your bank if you have any questions about making a wire payment. Most banks will have a fee associated with making a wire payment. Your bank will be able to give you more details regarding that.

You can locate the wire information on either the “bid won” email or by logging into your account, clicking “my orders,” selecting the order in question, and clicking “pay.” This will show you the wire information needed to make payment.

Note: Though Rack37 will handle the payments for the majority of marketplaces, we do not handle payments for a very few marketplaces, such any bigger brands name, and others. Please always double check your order to confirm where to render payment.

On all wire payments, please be sure to include your order number so that our payments team will properly credit the amount.

Some buyers have reported that a different address than what is associated with their wire instructions appear. Simply instruct the teller to type out both the account number and the address we have provided you on the wire instructions to make sure that Rack37 receives payment.

You may also combine several totals in one single wire payment as long the payments go towards the same bank information and the payments will not be late. If you do not know if they do, log into your account, locate the orders in question, and click “pay.” If the wire information is the same, you can combine the payments.

Please just make sure you list all orders for which you are rendering payment so that the payment will process automatically. During business hours, payment processing should occur within the hour. However, many banks have a cut off and if payment is made in the early to late afternoon, we may not receive it until next day. Best practice is to allow the system a full business day to process. If your order is not in a paid status by next day, send a copy of your wire transfer to

UPI Instructions

We accept UPI on auctions where Rack37 collects payment and where total payment due is 1000 or less.

Since this is an exception we make, we request that you cover all associated transaction fees:

What Is the Buyer's Premium?

The buyer’s premium is only applicable on Rack37.

This is a standard auctioneering fee that will add 10% of your final bid price to your order total. Please keep this in mind when bidding on Rack37.

The fee covers the cost associated with sourcing products, marketing auctions, running the marketplace, and managing services such as payment collection and listing processing

Where Is My Invoice?

Rack37 will provide to you tax invoice.

You can tell if your order has a pro-forma invoice by logging into your order history:

If an invoice is not available for your order, please use the bid won email in combination with the manifest.


How Do I Contact 3PL About My Order?

Many sites partner with ship rocket to source their logistics. To find out if your order is sourced by 3PL, check the FAQs or the Auction Details under “shipping” to confirm who will be the party responsible for shipment.

If you have not heard from 3PL within the timeline established by the auction details or your auction is not in a “shipped” status within that time frame, you are welcome to contact 3PL directly with your order number.

You can always track your order if it is in a “shipped” status by clicking into the order details from your order history page. This will bring you to your order details which will display a table with a hyperlink of your order number in the far right corner. Clicking into that order number will show 3PL tracking information.

If you need to contact 3PL, please use the following:

Write us on:

I Received My Order But It Wasn't As Described What Can I Do?

Although the sellers on Rack37 strive to provide product as it is described on the auction, despite their best efforts there can be discrepancies. This can happen for any number of reasons, including the volume that a warehouse processes, damage in shipping, or even human error.

There are processes to protect buyers in the case of a major discrepancy. Further information on these is located in the marketplace Terms of Purchase, usually under the “inspection” paragraph. For auctions purchased on Rack37 Supply, your orders may qualify for the Buyer’s Protection Program.
The main thing to remember when filing a claim is that there will be a deadline, which will be listed in the Terms of Purchase.

Note: You must file a claim if there is a problem with your order by following the process outlined below. Calling or chatting in to report a discrepancy does not qualify as filing a claim.

To begin, log into your account and go to your order history for claiming on the order.

Where Is My Order?

Shipping processing times will vary seller by seller. You can find information about a seller’s general processing timeline in their FAQs under “Payment & Shipping,” or in the auction details under “Shipping.”

If a seller doesn’t have a specifically stated timeline, a good rule of thumb is five to seven business days.

Keep in mind that most facilities are closed on the weekends, so Saturday and Sunday shouldn’t be included when you’re counting up the days.

For most sites using binding shipping, you will be able to track your order by logging into your account, selecting “orders” from the account menu in the top right hand corner, clicking the order, and then clicking the hyperlinked order number in the right hand corner of the order details table.

If your shipment is outside the time frame, you are welcome to contact Rack37 to let us know

Can I Consolidate Multiple Orders From the Same Seller And Facility Into One Shipment?

This will be dependent on each seller and their shipping solution of choice!

In general, if the seller is providing additional shipping at extra cost, you are welcome to ask the shipping logistical provider if this is possible once the order is paid. Please note, you will still be required to pay for each order in total as the shipping logistical provider needs to receive the purchase order to begin the shipping process.

You can also check each site’s “FAQ” under “Payment and Shipping” to see if there is a question regarding consolidation. Auction details under “shipping” may also provide this information.

How Do I Receive My Shipment?

Please follow these procedures for all orders you receive, whether or not it is buyer or seller arranges shipping.

Following these procedures and best practices will help ensure that your shipment is received, reviewed, and unpacked properly, which will reduce issues. Read each item carefully, and apply this guide to your receiving process.

If you have any questions, please contact customer service.

How Does Shipping Work?

Since Rack37 does not sell any product, Rack37 does not manage or facilitate the shipping of that product. For more information on who does, please review the shipping details on each auction page.

For buyer arranges shipping, you need to pick up your merchandise with a commercial, dock height truck. Some sellers on our private marketplaces may require you to use a third party carrier. Review FAQs for details.

For seller arranges shipping, you will need a loading dock, fork lift, and any other proper equipment to safely receive your merchandise. If you are in need of liftgate and residential services, please make sure your address properly reflects those needs prior to bidding.

Buyer Arranges Shipping - General Principles

If an auction lists “Buyer Arranges Shipping” this means that you are responsible for shipping the product from the seller’s facility to yours. We encourage that all bidders review the FAQs of each site and the shipping details prior to bidding so they are familiar with the seller’s shipping policies before you win an order.

If you do not already have a carrier, Rack37 has partnered with several different shipping partners. Please visit our Logistics & Fulfilment page to review the services they offer. Your Bid Won email will include a link to Freight Quote, who will then work to provide you an accurate quote that is as close as possible to the original estimate.

Once the order is marked as paid, you will receive shipping instructions, including the seller’s contact information in most cases. Please refer to your order paid email.

Most “Buyer Arranges Shipping” auctions of one pallet or more will have a shipping estimate provided by Freight Quote. This estimate is calculated based on the distance between your zip code and the seller’s, number of pallets, pallet dimensions, shipping weight, and several other attributes that may vary for each buyer.

This blog post goes into more detail.

Seller Arranges Shipping - General Principles

We encourage that all bidders review the FAQs of each site and the shipping details prior to bidding so they are familiar with the seller’s shipping policies before you win an order.

In auctions where the seller arranges shipping, a shipping cost will appear on the auction underneath the bidding field.

If you click the blue circle with the white “i” in it, this will summarize the weight and dimensions of the product, the carrier the seller will be using, the service type, and the number of pieces comprising the shipment.

Reading the “Shipping” details of the auction will give you additional details, such as information about additional fees for a liftgate, residential delivery, etc.

Auctions where the seller arranges shipping will always include the shipping cost in the order total.

If you win multiple auctions from the same seller, and wish to combine the shipping, you will need to first pay for each order in its entirety as orders are never guaranteed to be eligible for consolidation.

Once you have paid, you will be given contact information to coordinate the shipping of your order. At this time, you can ask that your shipments be combined. If the seller agrees and provides a new shipping price, you can have the difference refunded in the form of a Rack37 credit that will be applied to your account.

For best practices in receiving your shipment, please review the attached file.

This blog post goes into more detail.

Rack37 Buyer Receiving Checklist

Can I Pick Up My Own Order?

Most sellers do not allow buyers to pick up merchandise themselves. The FAQs page for each private marketplace will also advise on whether or not the seller will allow buyers to pick up their own order.

Please confirm with customer service before bidding if you are unsure an order is eligible for buyer pickup.

How Do I Add or Change My Shipping Address for Future Orders?

We recommend that you confirm your shipping address is correct before you enter a bid.

Rack37 nor our clients are responsible if a buyer fails to make sure their shipping and or billing address is correct on current and future orders.

In order to update your shipping address, please log into your marketplace, click the “Account” link in the top right of the page, and click “My Account.”

Once you click “My Account,” it will bring you to a page where you can edit your personal information and manage your addresses:

Click “Manage Addresses” in order to add or update your addresses.

This page allows you to edit an existing address that is set as the default, choose a different address as your default address, or add a brand new address.

When you press the blue button with the up and down carets (pointed to by the red middle arrow), it will show all the addresses you have on file.

If you wish to change the default address, select the address from that menu, and then press “Set as Default” after confirming it is correct. Please only use shipping addresses for which you have provided a valid resale document.

You are allowed to have as many addresses on file as you need, but please make sure that the correct address is set as the default address prior to bidding to avoid complications.

If you change your “Default Address” on your “My Account” page, this will only affect your future orders, not any current unpaid orders.

If you want to edit an address for a current unpaid order, you will need to do so from the order’s details page. Visit this page for instructions : [click here]

How Do I Change My Shipping Address After Winning An Auction?

If you have already won an auction before realizing the shipping address was incorrect, please update the address on the individual order for each unpaid order.

You can do this by going to “my orders” for each of your accounts. You will need to edit each unpaid order, even if they are located under multiple accounts.

Please do this before rendering payment. Rack37 cannot update an address in our system after an order is paid because multiple parties, such as the seller and logistics provider, have already received the purchase order.

Rack37 nor our clients are responsible if a buyer fails to make sure their shipping and or billing address is correct.

This is now much easier to do via our soft checkout process

How Do I Change My Shipping Address After Paying?

Rack37 nor our clients are responsible if a buyer fails to make sure their shipping and or billing address is correct.

The shipping address of an order is no longer eligible to be changed if it is in any status but “unpaid.” Complications may arise if the purchase order received by the seller and shipping facilitator do not match what is on Rack37 record.

What Is Pallet Space?

“Pallet Space” is indicates when a load includes double or oversized pallets. Pallet spaces are not indicative of the number of pallets in the actual load.

For a list of how many pallets will be in a load, please refer to the manifest. If there is no manifest or if you still have questions, please ask customer service.

What is the lead-time of shipping?

It will be depending on the locations .Customer who has place an order on marketplace store, s/he can track his/her order status from my account section directly.

Customer can also track status of his/her order from the order tracking page by providing his/her registered email address and order ID.

Shipping rate area needs to be discussed and finalize the workflow.


Can I Cancel My Order?

Rack37 considers all bids to be placed with intent to purchase. Please review this article on how to avoid cancellations.

If we agree to cancel your order, you may be subject to a fee. Please review the terms of service for each site’s fee policies.

Can I Cancel My Bid?

Rack37 considers all bids to be placed with intent to purchase. Please review this article on how to avoid cancellations.

Note: no bids will be cancelled within 15 minutes of the auction closing, or if the auction is in popcorn bidding. This is to be respectful towards other bidders and the seller.

If we agree to cancel your bid, you may be subject to a fee, especially if a habit of bid cancellations is noticed.

Bid carefully. The system will ask you multiple times to confirm your bid. Take this time to confirm you have typed in your bid correctly.

If you have questions about an auction or product, ask customer service prior to placing the bid. Make sure to read the auction description (see auction anatomy for more details) and the accompanying conditions carefully before bidding.

Can I return the shipment?

There is no exchange or return policy with us though while the shipment is been done and your lot is getting packed videos will be shared with you.

Contact Information

How Do I Contact Customer Support?

You can contact Customer Support via the following methods:

  • Phone: 8448440437. Available from 10 am to 7 pm, Monday-Saturday.
  • Email:
  • Chat: Look for the “Chat With Us” link at the below right of home page.

Please note: Rack37 is not open on the weekends or National holidays