How to Buy, overstock, and liquidation at Auctions

Welcome to India’s First Ever Stock Liquidation Rack37

Liquidation made easy for every business & Budget

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How to Buy, overstock, and liquidation at Auctions Welcome to India’s First Ever Stock Liquidation Rack37

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Liquidation Made Easy For Every Business & Budget

Our marketplace platform is an online auction dynamic setting where you can sell – returned, additional, or other liquidation inventory directly varied based on approved business buyers. It runs more demand, higher pricing and strong sales cycle.


Build marketplace



We will build a personal, customized market for your brand and featuring your list.

The platform is flexible, scalable, and can accommodate high volumes of merchandise in all categories and situations. Even better is that it can be operational within few working days and it does not require any IT investment.



Send us your product catalogue.

Its analog conversion process! We will build our strategic account manager to upload your catalogue and will develop a custom auction strategy that attracts the right buyers and operates the high recovery. Means the increasing competition among buyers of high value with zero interaction assessment.

List Products
Promotion strategy concept



We will promote your auction through our sourcing network to a global buyer base or tailor your marketing campaign to a highly targeted buyer group.

Whatever you are listing, we will bring buyers. You have complete control over who is viewing and purchasing your inventory. Existing buyer? Did they bid against each other in a transparent auction environment; You will get the highest price that the market asks for.



Let’s work our data-driven auction strategies.

Our data proves that the smallest adjustment could significantly more recovery. Lot optimization, low starting prices, the exact expressions, targeted marketing all contribute to better pricing. To get the results in your own market to take advantage of the macro insights from millions of bids in our network.

Watch bidding



After the auction closes, we will help you to complete your order.


Inventory will be shipped to your dock or can be removed immediately from your features. You need to dispatch the complete inventory to the buyer warehouse.



We will monitor the bidding activity, the recovery rate over time and provide real data to determine the secondary market price.

Your Strategic Account Manager will recommend you to actively monitor the activity and continue the way to maximize your pricing over time. Your success is our success: It’s kind of partnership between our two companies.

Track your sales

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