How to Buy Branded Stock Lots.

Want to buy Brand Stock Lots

What are Stock Lots?

Branded stock lots brands, liquidation stock wholesalers, in addition to a wide range of products made by traders and distributors / surplus lots. These products are usually liquid for 1 or 2 people in bulk in stock from the old season. For Example- Owners of a shoe store see an opportunity to buy wholesale branded shoes – Nike or Adidas, or 200 assorted pieces of Puma.

Suppliers of these shoes offer in the form of stock Lot owner footwear shop at discounted wholesale price to sell to their customers. It considers advisable that the store owner to stock lots product is a mixture of fast in terms of selling sizes and designs and then choose to buy in bulk, according to demand. at his/ her shop. You can buy branded stock lots in India.

Types of Stock Lots:

Assorted stock vs. Set wise stock

In assorted stock, lots of articles/ products have different designs, types of products, and sizes. Whereas in set-wise stock lots, the same themes with the same setup were found but in varying sizes with varying quantity ratios across dimensions (like 1:1:2:2:1:1 for shoe sizes 6:7:8:9:10:11).It considers advisable that the store owner to stock lots product is a mixture of fast in terms of selling sizes and designs and then choose to buy in bulk, according to demand. the only exception is a case where designs across all sizes are ancient and hard to sell.

Fresh inventory stock vs. E-commerce liquidation stock

Brands sell new inventory stock lot and their authorized distributors, which comprise of new and running season articles whereas, e-commerce owned sellers sell e-commerce liquidation stock like Cloudtail (Amazon) and W S Retail (Flipkart), which comprise of senior season (2-3 seasons) articles.

Unsold stock vs. Return stock

Brand or E-commerce liquidation stock lot can be categorized further into two types. Unsold stock/deadstock comprises those articles that the brand/ manufacturer or the e-commerce players like Amazon and Flipkart cannot sell. Unsold stock is usually more than two years old. Return stock comprises those ordered by customers but returned due to failure in payment (like COD), logistical issues, or production by customers. User can find some of the items in Return stock to be dirty/ damaged. The vendor sells the return stock at higher rates if he removes the dirty/broken pieces. Return stock comprises articles that ordered- running sizes and designs.

Genuine stock vs. Fake or First Copy stock

Genuine stock lots comprise original articles with brand bills whereas, and Fake stock lots comprise copied (first copy), damaged, and rejected stock produced and sold illegally.

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STOCK LOT remember when buying having HIGHLIGHTS: –

If you do not receive bills brand, the product is not original.

A brand is a combination of original products in stock e-commerce liquidation, if they (2-3 season stocks of old season old) and mixed

If you get the latest product in stock liquidation running the new brand showroom, they are counterfeit / duplicate.

Remember, it’s almost impossible to find the original liquidation stock lot to be set-wise.

Factories or unorganized players can not sell branded products (additional / surplus stock) with the brand label.

Brand tag products to sell to sell a lot / products stocks from unauthorized entities and to buy illegal.

The export surplus can be selling only when their brand labels removed.

Bulk Discount
Bulk Discount

Original branded product / stock lots only those brands or can be sold through their authorized distributors.

Brand illegal factories sell excess or branded declined stock with the label, and it’s not likely that the origin of the product brand.

Many unorganized wholesale players in the market to sell fake products in the name of the original districts

For example, A wholesaler bought 10,000 pieces once ‘ x ‘original products. But later on, he started bulk selling fake or duplicate products by showing the original bill of earlier bought 10,000 pieces, but not the actual account of the same articles sold.

 Make sure you buy a brand only authorized sources Lot brand or their authorized distributor

To avoid legal punishment and purchase / sale of unethical and misleading products. Only Buy GST registered and reliable companies with proper authorization. E-commerce liquidation return, contains the actual product in stock lots, when the source of e-commerce legal / proprietary vendors you- Like Cloudtail (Amazon) or WS Retail (Flipkart), and so on; or through channels which are buying from Cloudtail or WS Retail, return the stock lot in such cases come packed in e-commerce brand labelled boxes with return slips. And Return stock lots do not come set-wise.

E-commerce liquidation of unsold has bought stock lots 20l6- 17 18 (if 2020). And basic products can be obtained only from Claudel (Amazon-owned vendors) or WS Retail (Flipkart-owned vendors).

Remember, many unauthorized sellers online and offline claim to sell original products, which is illegal, and buying from them brings many legal actions and penalty problems.

It’s advisable not to buy in vast quantities of stock lots with a mixed variety of articles, leading to dead stockpiling up in your showroom. Try buying stock lots in small quantities that are sold fast in your store.

Be sure to distinguish between what is original and what is fake or fake.

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