How can B2B businesses increase profits on aging stocks with the Rack37?

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An additional list market provides a platform to sell all unsold / returned products without your unused . It ensures you connect with buyers interested in buying in bulk, thus converting your dead inventory into profits. With this, your blocked capital is unleashed, and you have more recent means to venture into purchasing a new product line or business.

Are you struggling with excess stock in its inventory lying in your warehouse? What is due to take because of blocked funds to toss your entire business plan and vague Overstock? Holding too much inventory for long is bad for every business. This blog takes a closer look at how having excess stock can threaten your business’s growth and bring a downturn to your sales revenue. Excess, surplus or aging stocks are a common term in the business-to-business market space.

While the B2B seller is always in the worry of getting rid of his stock to liquidate it into substantial revenue, the buyer, on the other hand, is looking out for bulk purchase that can help him to reduce his cost per unit (CPI) and enable significant savings for his company. All product passes through the four stages of the life cycle, namely the introduction, growth, maturity and decline. Most products become slow-moving inventory when there is a sudden fall in demand due to the specific region’s demographic behavior or market trend.

In such a scenario, the seller tries hard to sell it, but in most cases, the decline in shares changing sitting leading to record sales. In case you are stuck in a similar situation and unsure of how to clean out your excess stock, you must consider reaching out to the excess inventory marketplace to liquidate the aging assets.

At Rack37, we provide a comprehensive B2B platform to eliminate the problem of your slow-moving inventory and turn it into profits. Rack37 is a leading online b2b marketplace in India that was conceptualized to play a significant role in ‘omni-channel retailing,’ thus offering a fast & smooth selling and buying experience across all geographies PAN-India. Within three and a half years, Rack37 has become a leading B2B wholesale platform and a one-stop solution for excess inventory selling and buying across multiple verticals like IT (Hardware and software), electronics, mobility, security and surveillance, LED lighting products, garments, home furnishing, appliances and more.

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The brand operates on a unique business model that is neutral to both parties, eg, seller and buyer, and the transaction remains completely confidential and anonymous. There are multiple reasons on how Rack37 can help you as a seller to deal with your overstock inventories and maximize the revenue for the same and at the Help buying products in bulk at the same time buyers to access the quality products and reasonable price.

1. Quick Registration:

You can register with Rack37 in few simple steps with your email id/phone number. Once registered, complete your verification process by submitting KYC documents (Aadhar Card, Pan Card & Cancelled cheque ). After your profile is verified, you can start uploading your products, connect with buyers and proceed with an order. Once the stock is approved, you will get your payment done and thank you mail.

2. PAN India Buyers:

Rack37 gives you access to a nationwide marketplace and thus connects you to buyers across the nation to sell in bulk online. This helps you to reach a broader customer base and faster response to your closeout deal. You can negotiate your product offer to 1000+ partners throughout India and have a convenient, secured & hassle-free selling experience.

3. Logistics Support:

Rack37 gives you full logistics support that saves you from the tedious process of packing your goods and arranging for transportation services for delivery to the buyer.

4. Assured Payment:

You get 100% secured and immediate payment as soon as the deal liquidation is completed. The seller is also notified through email and sms once the payment is sent.

And, here are the benefits for the buyer:

1. Quick Buying:

Buying product deals is a simple and easy process on our platform. You need to select the products and add the desired quantity to the cart and proceed to checkout. As a buyer, you can either choose to pay online or generate a proforma invoice and pay by offline methods.

2. Shop by Category:

For the buyer’s convenience and easy navigation, all the products are segmented category-wise. You can browse the main categories and directly click to check out products from the categories you are interested in.

3. Insured Shipments:

RACK37offers 100% insured shipment service of the stocks when you buy complimentary insurance and complimentary shipment till Rs 50 lakhs worth of purchase.

4. Access to PAN India Sellers:

Like the seller, the buyer also gets access to the choice of multiple deals from across PAN India. Besides, the buyers also do not need to worry about the logistics as Rack37 assures guaranteed shipment. Inventory management plays a crucial role in the growth of the business and contributes to long-term success. Tracking your inventory will provide you with an account of the stock quantity in your inventory and help you make a better decision about how much quantity you need to store. Nevertheless, suppose you are still burdened with overstock. In that case, excess inventory liquidation platforms like Rack37 will help you clear the blocked space in your warehouse and restock the inventory with actual sellable products.

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