Best 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy from a Liquidation Website

Buy Bulk Inventories Directedly From the Brands

If you want to resale liquidation merchandise, so what is the best way to get that inventory must be thinking. Traditionally, you have two ways the source of fluids: through a wholesaler or a liquidator. Fortunately, today, there is a third option: buying directly from the retailer via its online liquidation marketplace. It spoiled more transparent alternative middleman and markup. In this post, we’ll break down the five reasons why you should buy from an online liquidation website.

What is a Liquidation Website?

A liquidation website is where retailers and manufacturers can offload their overstock, customer-returned, and other liquidation merchandise. This solution helps companies sell their merchandise for a fair price while providing business buyers access to a steady inventory stream. As one can find more than they turned to retailers and manufacturers auction-based liquidation websites, small business buyers all price points, categories, and brand-name goods in conditions for our business.

B2b Platform
B2b Platform

The 5 reasons to Buy from Liquidation Websites

No Markups

To make money to a liquidator, would buy them less goods and it would sell higher. Before you get anytime access to inventory, before the substantial price markup. When you buy directly from B2B online liquidation marketplace, competitive and transparent auction platform a retailer, you will not get better margins and will no longer pay you as much as you want.

No Product Poaching

Frequently, liquidators will comb through the inventory they purchase from retailers, pull out the best products for themselves, and then sell the rest to you. This product is called poaching or “cherry-picking”. As a result, those liquidators then sell at retail prices for retail products, capturing a margin which otherwise you would have. By eliminating the middleman, you have reasonable access to non-crackers bulk goods in the condition codes, including new. In addition, you will be able to capture such a margin that would not otherwise be available to you.

Buy Direct

 By purchasing directly from a retailer, you are ready to have a wish to pursue faster inventory which are procured from person to pay the fair market value buyers. Additionally, Direct is to buy time, to have the goods only once retailer (the liquidator shipment to retailers). This translates to direct cost savings that no longer need to be regained; meaning, better profit margins that flow directly to your bottom line.

Retailer Relationship

 Middleman from the cutting you can establish a direct relationship with the retailer. Historically, this has been tough for small to mid-size businesses. Using a retailer’s B2B liquidation website is an ongoing way that many small business buyers purchase excess and customer-returned inventory directly from the source.


Means sourcing inventory from a traditional liquidator can often be hours of conversation back and forth, which do not offer competition. Instead, purchasing directly from the retailer’s online auction B2B liquidation marketplace enables a level playing field and transparent platform for all buyers to compete fairly for the inventory. More with attitudes toward retailer’s auction-based liquidation websites has never been easier to access the trading of brand-name. The retailers use Rack37 to sell their inventory directly to business buyers. To learn how you can begin purchasing liquidation merchandise on Rack37.

Choosing the Best Liquidation Website

So, how can you choose the best liquidation website?

 Listed above in addition to the five reasons, you need to find one that meets the needs of your inventory.

Many of the world’s largest brands and retailers use Rack37 to liquidate their merchandise. Buyers have access to marketplaces, different products, and many categories, and different lot sizes and conditions for every budget. Today the journey begins to buy your Rack37 and take a look at all our current live listings.

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