A Quick Guide to Overstock Inventory. You Should Know

A Quick Guide to Overstock Inventory. You Should Know

Wholesale liquidators are suppliers who have a large selection of wholesalers, closeouts, overstock and surplus goods in their warehouses. Often, they are directly purchased from major retailers. However, these large retailers thousands of products to add markup to the house and needs them to remain profitable. They distribute their inventory buyers. Auction Liquidators are your excess inventory and auction of goods. Prices are not fixed, because you are able to compete among buyers bidding and other bidders. They are small buyers or consumers distribute inventory. Auction Liquidators are usually charged to the auction in a physical location and potential buyers bid on the auction.

How the Rack37 Sourcing Network is Different

Rack37 Sourcing Network offers small and medium-sized permission to buy retailers and resellers to large Fortune 2000 retailers and Overstock inventory in bulk directly from manufacturers. The Rack37 Sourcing Network is not a liquidator. Instead, the Rack37 sourcing network gives buyers bulk liquidation, free access to refurbished, and overstock inventory, directly from major retailers. It’s free, and no middleman markup (usually wholesale liquidators, auction liquidators). The Rack37 Sourcing network is made up of private liquidation auction marketplaces that Rack37 Solutions powers and manages for large retailers. Buyers have to bid on the inventory with confidence, knowing that they are buying from, and what they can expect.

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