3 Additional Inventory Build Up Signs

Many fashion retailers are trying to keep a multichannel sales approach are established quickly, give online emphasis on sales – while maintaining the same ratio of inventory to sales. That isn’t an easy task considering:

 1. Online sales bring higher return rates (as customers expect hassle-free returns and free shipping).

2. Lower foot traffic in stores can lead to excess inventory woes.

3. The Try Before You Buy business model is overgrowing and will further increase return rates.

 A small amount of returns here and a few shelves pulls there can quickly pile up. Case in point: a specific apparel brand is currently dealing with 4.3 billion rupees worth of unsold clothing after first reporting a drop in sales last year.

 It does not measure the billions of dollars sold bill-up clothes without-overnight. The top three signal retailers include:

 1. An overall drop in brick-and-mortar quarterly sales.

 2. Decreased foot traffic in stores while online traffic increases.

 3. Unsold stock in the stores needs to exchange with newer, trendier clothes.

 This third sign—selling trendy clothes before they go out of style—has become a significant issue. Many retailers are now buying on a number of different outlets through its phone and worried about the quality. It is looking for means to reduce the cost of Overstock retailers and return items.

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 Whether dealing with returns or Overstock, apparel retailers can imagine, cannot consider or value not total loss of the inventory. Provides a modern solution that can help offset the cost of the pre unwanted goods.

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